• Meet Central Indiana’s Pleasant View Lodge

    April 4, 2017
  • National Skilled Care Week

    All week long we have been celebrating National Skilled Care week here at Pleasant View Lodge. The theme this year is celebrating life's stories, and that is what we have been doing . We have been taking the time to get to know one another and share each other's stories. We are so blessed to have these people in our lives and have the opportunity to hear their stories.  It has been an amazing experience . From hearing old war stories , to hearing about being a dancer  or even being a single mother raising 6 kids , Our residents have some stories to tell. We are honored and privileged to have them here and share their life stories with us. 

    In addition to the story telling, we have made some new memories so far this week.  Each day of the week has a different theme starting with Monday, Monday was America day and we celebrated lady liberty and the good old red, white and blue , by dressing up patriotically and enjoying some good old american treats. 

    Tuesday was Cartoon day so our residents and staff got to enjoy their cartoons of yesteryear from looney tunes to mickey mouse, our residents and staff had a blast reminiscing about their favorite cartoons.

    Wednesday we said aloha and went tropical with our luau day and said goodbye to all of our troubles and hello to sunny days and cool waves. 


    Thursday we are throwing it back and kicking back as we celebrate decades day.   A day where you will see anything from bright neon colored clothes from the 80's to 1920's flapper girls and everything in between.  Join us as we turn the activity room into a 1950's soda fountain and enjoy a tasty banana split or ice cream sundae. Complete with all your jukebox favorites. 

    Friday we are going fun and festive with our fiesta Friday . We are turning up the heat and feeling the rhythm as we enjoy the sights, sounds and cuisine from south of the border. 

    All week long we will be reminiscing and making new stories to tell. Wont you join us and make some of your own?